What is the "hipster?" What does he or she do, and look like? Where does the hipster lurk? Intrepid journalists have spent years tracking hipsters in their natural habitats of Brooklyn and "the internet." Now, hipsters have been tracked all the way to the frontiers of St. Louis.

KSDK Channel 5, St. Louis' top source for weather, traffic, and sociocultural investigative reporting, has filed a rather stark and shocking report on "St. Louis Hipster Culture," which, make no mistake, exists. The very first sentence of the story reads, "Hipster, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is..." so you know that KDSK has quite literally "done their homework" on this subcultural topic of importance. In the newscast, this portion of the story is illustrated with a graphic of a Merriam-Webster Dictionary, with the relevant words and definition emerging onto the screen. We encourage you to "fasten your seatbelts" in preparation.

The story ricochets wildly through a dazzling array of strange and unconventional hipster hotspots, from one bar that throws a "dance party" to... wherever else is listed under the "hipster" category on Yelp in the city of St. Louis.

Whether it is a record shop selling music not currently on the Billboard charts or a quirky clothing store selling stuff you probably won't find in a mall, so-called hipster hangouts can be found on just about every corner. Including a locally owned coffee shop, The Mud House.

What sorts of bizarre orgies and whatnot occur in this so-called hipster hangout? "A general vibe," according to a quote obtained exclusively by KSDK St. Louis.

After a whirlwind tour of St. Louis hipster hot spots listed on Yelp and then copy-pasted onto KSDK's website, the general reader may feel dazed, confused, and strangely attracted to this "anything goes" lifestyle of youth, debauchery, and coffee. So how can you get a foot in the door of hipsterism?

KSDK's social media producer weighed in on the most hipster social media sites. She says you can check out StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Pheed, Tumblr and Instagram where you can follow KSDK at @KSDKnews.

There goes the neighborhood, of St. Louis!