While Honey Boo Boo mom Mama June Shannon has denied that she's dating the man who reportedly molested her then-eight-year-old daughter Anna Cardwell in 2002, new photos show she went on vacation with Mark McDaniel in September. Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson, uncle to Mama June's nine-year-old daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, also went on the vacation and has published the photos in the National Enquirer.

Uncle Poodle, who went on the trip with his fiancé, claims he did not know anything about child molester Mark McDaniel at the time. Mama June introduced him as her "gay friend." You can view photos of the vacation here.

Uncle Poodle claims that he and his fiancé shared a hotel room with Mama June, McDaniel, and Honey Boo Boo. "When I woke up in the morning Alana was fast asleep crammed in bed with June and Mark!" he told the Enquirer. "It looked like they were cuddling!"

TMZ reported yesterday that Uncle Poodle is now trying to get custody of Honey Boo Boo. Honey Boo Boo's dad, Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson, told TMZ with Mama June that won't happen. (Mama June's daughter Anna claims Mama is "using" Sugar Bear to "cover her ass.")

For his part, Uncle Poodle doesn't understand how Mama June could bring McDaniel back into her life:

I don't know what June is thinking! First, Mark sexually abused her daughter Anna and now I wouldn't be surprised if he's targeting Alana. As a mother, it's June's job to protect her daughters. She didn't do it with Anna, and now she's putting Alana in danger. ... If I can help it, he will never be in the same room alone with her as long as I am around. June needs to wake up and put her kids' safety before her own sexual needs!

He also claims that Mama June's relationship with McDaniel is sexual: "June was bragging about their sexcapades. She went into graphic detail about Mark's stamina and privates, and she was doing it right in front of Alana!"

Mama June has yet to respond to these claims.

[Photo via AP]