A set of cooling towers in the southeastern British town of Oxfordshire were destroyed early Sunday morning, and despite protests to move the demolition until later in the day so that everyone could enjoy it (perhaps a BBQ?), residents stood out at 5 a.m. anyway in their pajamas and with their camera phones in tow. Some had been there waiting all night.

The demolition video, taken by Oxfordshire resident Luke Allen, doesn't get truly exciting until around 1:35, but then you get a real insight as to what gets British people hot and bothered.

"Fookin' hell!" one man is heard yelling.

The Didcot power station had been a part of the Oxfordshire landscape since 1970, the Guardian reports. The coal fire towers ceased operation last year. Residents of Oxfordshire were sad to see the landmark go, due to the finite number of leisure activities Brits participate in—footie, gap years, and Pimm's.

Via the BBC:

Many people camped out all night or got up early to watch the towers come down online, while #DidcotDemolition quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

Gilliam Miles said: "Up at 2am and watched it from Ladygrove with hundreds of others - emotional moment. Will miss them."

Tina Banham said: "They went down so quickly - we were watching a water vole whilst waiting in Appleford, heard the explosion and they seemed to be down in seconds. Could have missed it had explosion not been so loud."

Stuart Kerry added: "I saw them being built when I was young and now have seen them come down via the internet live here in the USA."

Hopefully in the absence of the cooling towers, Oxfordshire will be given something more concrete to admire—a park, a monument, a library? But maybe not—The Guardian is swift to remind that "the neighbouring gas-fired Didcot B will continue to produce power."