In the apparent conclusion to a crazy story, Hossein Nayeri will be arraigned in Orange Country this week for his alleged involvement in a plot to kidnap, torture, and steal from a marijuana dispensary owner, who survived having his penis cut off.

Nayeri, 35, along with Kyle Shirakawa Handley, 35, Ryan Anthony Kevorkian, 35, and Naomi Josette Rhodus, 34, allegedly conspired to steal a hoard of cash buried in the Nevada desert by the victim, who so far has only been identified as John Doe. How the group decided to eventually kidnap the victim (along with the girlfriend of his roommate) runs the gamut of a heist thriller or drug drama.

Handley, on an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas hosted by the victim in 2012 with other marijuana growers, claimed to have learned that the victim was especially wealthy (that he paid for everyone's trip to Vegas notwithstanding), and told Nayeri and Kevorkian as much.

The three, along with Rhodus, then allegedly plotted to videotape the victim and run surveillance on his home while he made trips to the Mojave Desert, where the group believed he was burying money (this was apparently not the case). The group reportedly tailed the victim on his trips, watching for about four weeks.

In October of 2012, police say the three men broke into the victim's home and tied him and his roommate's girlfriend up. They allegedly tortured the victim before dragging both of them to a van and driving them to the desert.

In the desert, the men allegedly tortured the victim further, but with a blowtorch. They reportedly cut off his penis and then poured bleach on the wound to destroy DNA evidence. The victim and his roommate's girlfriend were then left in the desert. The woman, unharmed but still tied up, was able to run about a mile across the desert in the dark and find help.

But it gets crazier!

Just a week before the alleged kidnapping of the victim, Nayeri was in a high-speed chase with police, Senior Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy told CBS Los Angeles:

A week before the planned abduction, Nayeri committed a routine traffic violation but refused to pull over and led Newport Beach police on a high-speed chase, Murphy said. Nayeri — who at the time was on probation for a vehicular manslaughter conviction out of Fresno, stemming from a drunken driving crash that killed his best friend — crashed the car in the high-speed chase but still managed to slip away from police, Murphy said.

Nayeri fled to Iran after the alleged kidnapping and torturing. But because the U.S. does not have an extradition agreement with the country, authorities were forced to "use a ruse" to trick Nayeri into entering the Czech Republic, where police in Prague arrested him and extradited him to Orange County.

All four faces charges of aggravated mayhem, torture, and residential burglary, and potentially life in prison.

[Image of Hossein Nayeri via OC Weekly]