University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing has been charged with murder in the killing of Sam DuBose, a black man, during a traffic stop two weeks ago. Prosecutors today announced the indictment and released video from Tensing’s body camera that shows him shooting DuBose in the head.

Tensing is “on administrative paid leave, and hopefully soon he’ll be on administrative paid leave in a justice center,” Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters announced at a press conference before showing the video. Tensing’s attorney said he planned to surrender himself today if indicted.

He faces life in prison.

“I was shocked ... it really broke my heart. It’s just bad. It’s just bad what he did,” Deters said, describing the shooting as an “intentional killing of another human being.”

The prosecutor noted DuBose was dead instantly after being shot in the head, but “he fell forward and must have pressed on the gas,” and Tensing had to chase after his car.

The University of Cincinnati campus was closed Wednesday in anticipation of the grand jury decision.

Update: Tensing turned himself in Wednesday afternoon.

Update 2: The full video of the incident, with audio, is now above.

[Photo: WISTV]