Below, you'll find a photograph that's been described as horrifying, disgusting, dark-sided, and "makes me feel physically ill." It's not all that shocking, though. It's just a My Little Pony doll that a man on the internet accidentally melted in a jar of his own cum.

"I come before you today to reveal a horrible accident to the Pony Cum Jar Project," the anonymous 4channer who uploaded the photo wrote in a post that's been helpfully archived on Reddit. A most horrible accident indeed. He continued:

The place where I was hiding my cum jar were (sic) actually on top of a kind of radiator, that was connected to our furnace, and of course since it's getting colder we light it up. So basically the Rainbow Dash figure has been boiled in cum. It's brown now. And for comparison I have also got another glass of cum that's about a week old.

I will propably (sic) still bury it some day.

Yours, PCJP.

The specifics on the Pony Cum Jar Project are vague, but it's safe to assume the title can be taken at face value:

From another photo the user uploaded, it looks like Rainbow Dash met its murky end in a Yankee Candle jar like this one. But the smell likely has neither the homey cinnamon undertones of Yankee's Apple Cider scent nor the invigorating freshness of Ocean Blossom™. In fact, the 4chan inseminator alleged when a commenter inquired about the odor, "I nearly puked when I opened the damn closet."

Fellow 4channers, unfazed by the poster's utterly ordinary anonymous-male-on-the-web behavior, expressed concern for the fate of the PCJP. "Is it ded? After all that time? fuck," wrote one. 'The show must go on OP. In the name of science. Maybe boiling it should be part of the project," chimed in another.

Pony cum boy assured his concerned followers that he wouldn't be discontinuing his noble endeavor—he just wouldn't be adding any more cum to this particular pony. Why not? "Because this is a bit too desgusting even for me."

[h/t Buzzfeed]