Tyler Cowen, a professor at George Mason University law school and one of the most popular econobloggers in America, was pepper sprayed in class yesterday by someone trying to make a "citizen's arrest."

From WJLA:

The school says that on Wednesday afternoon during a law and literature class in this fourth floor classroom, intruder entered. He jumped up on the desk, announced that he was making a citizen's arrest, and then pepper sprayed Professor Tyler Cowen in the face.

They caught the guy and Tyler Cowen is okay, so I think we can all allow ourselves to have a little chuckle at the wacky things that life throws at us sometimes.

Haha! Man oh man!

For future reference, young radicals and political cranks of all stripes:

Pie in the face of the pundit you despise="acceptable wacky stunt."

Pepper spraying the pundit you despise="taking it too far."

(In either case, it is fair play for your target to punch you in the face.)

Marginal Revolution? More like Argh, It's a Pepper Solution!

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