[There was a video here]

Two Louisville teenagers were killed this past Saturday after the car they were traveling in was hit by an oncoming train. Witnesses say the car ignored flashing warning signs and blaring alarms before speeding onto the tracks. The two passengers closest to the impact were pronounced dead at the scene; two others remain in critical condition.

Suk Man Rai, 19, and Chita Chuwan, 16, were killed in the crash, the Jefferson County Coroner's Office confirmed to WAVE. The surviving victims have not yet been identified.

Anthony Collman, a former train conductor who apparently goes out to the tracks "to take video of trains every weekend," filmed the collision (embedded above).

"All I heard was metal and glass breaking and the bumper flying off on the other side," he told WLKY.

[Video via Anthony Collman/WAVE]

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