Two small planes collided with one another 12,000 feet in the air Saturday and everyone lived, thanks mostly to the fact that all of the passengers were experienced skydivers with parachutes.

The two planes were carrying nine skydivers in all when they had a fireball collision near Lake Superior in Wisconsin. A few of the skydivers were already preparing to jump when they were sucked out of the plane upon impact, but all got out of the plane. They had to navigate the falling debris around them, but landed safely.

The impact wiped out both wings of one of the Cessna 182s, setting the plane's fuselage on fire. The pilot of that plane ejected himself and landed with minor injuries. The other pilot was able to make a safe emergency landing at a nearby airport.

Officials think one plane got caught in the wind flow of the other and got sucked in, but the FAA is still investigating.

[image via Shutterstock]