This week, two bodyguards who worked for Tom Brady and Gisele were convicted of attempted murder for firing at photographers who were trying to get shots of the couple's 2009 Costa Rican wedding.

The two guards — Miguel Solis and Alexander Rivas — approached two photographers outside the power couple's 50-person Costa Rican wedding celebration, and demanded they turn over their cameras and memory cards.

It is not clear whether the photographers — one of whom worked for AFP — turned over their equipment, although reports suggest they refused. Either way, as they left and attempted to drive away, the bodyguards fired a shot at them. No one was injured.

In a unanimous decision, the bodyguards — who refused to testify — were each sentenced to five years in prison for the fired shot, and both will have to pay about $10,000 to each of the photographers. A third bodyguard charged in the incident was acquitted.

Gisele has claimed she had no knowledge of the shooting.

[image via AP]