Still: New York Daily News

The NYPD can’t escape scandal lately, from the federal corruption investigation to the tape of a captain seeming to encourage racial profiling that Gawker published this week. Now, a group of cops are reportedly being probed for committing that most grievous of workplace infractions: Playing Pokémon Go on the job.

The New York Daily News reports that after the officers were caught in a New Yorker’s Snapchat video apparently playing the game while patrolling the Rockaway Beach boardwalk, commissioner Bill Bratton has said that the department will “take a look at that as to whether there was inappropriate behavior on their part.”

This, after Bratton told reporters in no uncertain terms that he does not spend his free time wondering why there are only freakin’ Rattatas and Zubats floating around One Police Plaza. From ABC:

“I haven’t the faintest interest in that stupid craze,” Bratton said. “I don’t understand it. Too many people have been watching the zombie shows, and basically seem to be fascinated with making themselves walking zombies on Pokemon.”

“Again, go figure, in terms of things people want to occupy their time with,” he said. “I don’t intend to occupy much of my time, other than the 30 seconds I just spent answering (this) question.”

It’s unclear yet whether the cops will face punishment for their alleged gaming. Certainly you would never ever see this sort of thing at an office that adheres to any standard of professionalism, such as here at Gawker Media.