On Friday, two additional women came forward with claims they were raped by Bill Cosby, one of whom says she was just 17 at the time, The Wrap reports.

At a press conference organized by Gloria Allred in Los Angeles, Sunni Welles and Margie Shapiro joined the dozens upon dozens of women who have now accused the comedian of sexual assault, telling all-too-familiar stories of being drugged and raped.

Shapiro says she was 19 years old when Cosby invited her out to dinner in 1975. Instead, they ended up at a Playboy Mansion guest house, where the comedian allegedly challenged her to a sinister game. From The NY Daily News:

They played some pinball, and Cosby challenged her to a wager, saying whoever lost would swallow a pill, she claimed.

"I said sure, why not, since he was still not being malicious or anything," Shapiro said.

She lost a game, took a pill and quickly blacked out, she said.

"I came to a little and the first thing I saw was Bill Cosby's face not far above me and we were both naked," she said. "He was inside me and touching me and I was so grossed out, I can't find the words to express my disgust."

According to Welles, she was a 17-year-old aspiring singer when Cosby took her to a jazz club in the mid-196os. After drinking a soda, she blacked out and woke up hours later naked and alone in a nearly empty apartment.

Cosby allegedly told her that she had gotten drunk on champagne and must have stripped herself, but a subsequent outing with the comedian ended the same way.

"I remember drinking a Coke and again I awakened in the same room alone and naked," said Welles. "This time I didn't call him and I never heard from Bill Cosby again."

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