Two men have been arrested and charged with attempted murder after shooting a man who had just been released from prison after completing a 15-year sentence. According to the New York Post, the victim was the subject of a 15-year-long grudge.

Gothamist reports Jerome Mack, 35, and Edgar Wilson, 35, were charged with attempted murder and weapons possession after shooting Devon Simmons in the chest and leg on Thursday.

The Post reports the grudge began after Simmons shot a friend of Mack's in Harlem in 1999. Simmons was arrested for assault and sentenced to 15 years, while Mack was arrested for being in possession of a gun and sentenced to 10. Each man testified against the other during their trials.

In 2001, adding fuel to the grudge fire, Simmons reportedly told prison officials Mack had smuggled in marijuana, which added one-and-a-half to three years to his sentence.

A source told the Post, "Apparently, Mack had this grudge the whole time. He held onto it for the whole 15 years that Mr. Simmons was away." Mack was released in 2008.

According to police, Mack hid in the trunk of Edgar Wilson's car on Thursday while Wilson convinced Simmons—a stranger to him—that he'd been sent to pick him up by one of Simmons' relatives. Though he had a train ticket to get to a Manhattan halfway house, Simmons believed him and got in. When Wilson pulled over to urinate at some point during the trip, Simmons got out—and so did Mack.

"Then the trunk latch is released and a guy he does know jumps out of the trunk and starts shooting," police Captain Pierce Gallagher told the AP. "The minute he sees the guy, he starts running."

Mack fired two shots at Simmons before he and Wilson sped back to the city. Simmons made it to a nearby Metro-North station and was airlifted to Westchester County Hospital. He is reportedly in stable condition.

Cops traced Mack and Wilson's car back to Manhattan, and they were both charged with attempted murder and weapons possession.

[image of Jerome Mack (left) and Edgar Wilson (right) via NYPost]