Last night, two men with intellectual disabilities were put to death.

In Georgia, Robert Wayne Holsey (pictured) was executed after the Supreme Court refused his final appeal. Holsey, who had an IQ of "around 70," was not found to meet the state of Georgia's stringent legal standard for intellectual disability. The fact that Holsey's lawyer admitted to drinking a quart of vodka per day during his trial was not enough to win Holsey a new trial.

In Missouri, convicted murderer Paul Goodwin was also put to death last night. Goodwin's IQ was said to be around 73. His appeals on the grounds of mental competency were denied. Goodwin is the tenth person executed by the state of Missouri this year.

IQ scores of approximately 70 are generally considered to indicate a legal level of disability that might preclude executing someone. Clearly, this field of law is not fully developed.

[Photo: AP]