As winter's frostbitten hand bitch-slaps the east coast with flurries, two men emerge from the frozen tundra in Worcester, Ma. to make what appears to be a drug deal as a very enthusiastic reporter tells everyone: snow day!

Everyone (including the news anchors back at the station) is laughing, but here's the thing: The video taken by giggling concerned citizens ("That was the biggest live drug deal!!!!!") is almost too good to be true. This could be fake. Look how those guys walk up to each other—you get the sense that they are aware of the cameras. But I don't believe anything on the internet anymore!

If the video is not a fraud, and these two men actually completed a drug deal on live TV, then they are heroes to blizzard-defying druggies everywhere.

Update: Apparently, this video was recorded from a 2013 broadcast but for whatever reason only made itself known today.

[H/T Daily Intel]