Two French girls, ages 15 and 17, were caught by authorities after allegedly planning to fly to Syria and become jihadis. Not much information has been released about the teens or their motives, but at face value, the case isn't unusual—French authorities say they've caught 900 citizens participating in jihad or attempting to participate in jihad.

It's not clear if the teen girls have been returned to their families. The Independent Online reports that they're still being investigated for "criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise"—likely ISIS—and are under "strict judicial control." The two were allegedly working together on their plan.

France isn't the only Western country to deal with homegrown terrorism. Germany and Britain have similar problems on a slightly smaller scale—the ISIS militant who murdered James Foley is suspected to be British. And just last month, an American teen girl was arrested for attempting to fly to Syria and join ISIS.

[Image via AP]