Nine people were reportedly killed this afternoon when a small jet crashed into an apartment building in Akron, Ohio.

WOIO reports that the jet may have crashed after clipping power lines.

Cleveland 19’s Denise Dufala reports that the two people killed were the plane’s pilot and co-pilot.

UPDATE 4:47 pm: No one was in the apartment, according to WEWS, but the death toll from the plane—which could seat 10 people—may rise.

UPDATE 5:32 pm: As many as nine people may have died in the crash, according to the Beacon Journal.

Augusto Lewkowicz, the owner and operator of the plane, said he would not release the names of the seven passengers or two crew members only hours after the fatal crash near the corner of Mogadore and Skeleton Roads in Akron.

“I owe responses to the family members first,” Lewkowicz said.

UPDATE 11/11: Officials confirmed this morning that nine people died in the crash.

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