Jon Ohlman, 24, and Cody Hudson, 18, for no apparent reason other than they were bored and are dumb, allegedly ruined about $2,500 worth of merchandise at a Owasso, Okla. Walmart store after spraying toys, fabrics, and shoes with doe urine. "It's weird. It's very weird and disgusting," shopper Cali Emberson told Fox23.

Witnesses at the store originally told police they saw up to six people spraying merchandise with doe piss before fleeing, but after officers found the two in a car in the parking lot of a shopping center across the street from the Walmart, they reportedly confessed they were the only culprits.

According to Fox21, the two are being held on $5,000 bond. "It's just kind of shameful. I mean, these kids need to grow up," Brian Goodin, another shopper, told Fox23.

[H/T New York Daily News // Image via Fox23]