The killer of a previously unidentified 4-year-old who was killed and then left in a cooler on the side of New York City's Henry Hudson Parkway in 1991 has most likely been found: Her cousin, Conrado Juarez, confessed to killing the young girl, with his sister aiding him in the act.

"Baby Hope," the name given to the child by NYPD detectives, has now been replaced by the girl's real name — Anjelica Castillo. Juarez admitted he sodomized the young girl at her home in Queens, then smothered her before he and his sister placed her in a cooler. They took the cooler with them to a wooded area in northern Manhattan, and left the body by the side of the parkway.

“They then separated and Juarez returned to the Bronx and his sister to Queens,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters, “never to speak of the heinous act again until the NYPD investigators, through their relentless investigation, caught up with Juarez.”

A tip last week helped NYPD detectives revive the case, tracing DNA from an envelope the young girl's mother had licked, all the way to Mexico, and then back to the Bronx and Queens where the girl's relatives still live. The NYPD arrested Juarez outside of the hotel kitchen where he worked in downtown Manhattan. He has pled not guilty. His sister is now deceased.