A Washington man faces 14 charges, ranging from kidnapping to burglary to theft of a firearm, after allegedly going on a weeklong, acid-inspired crime spree. According to court documents obtained by Vocativ, 23-year-old George Jacobson terrorized residents of Roy, Wa. from Sept. 26 to Oct. 3, breaking into houses, stealing guns and demanding victims give him everything from clothes to a ride home.

The rampage began on Sept. 26, when Sherman Deach discovered a man inside his barn holding a single black rubber boot. When confronted, the man police say is Jacobson dropped to his knees and put his hands in the air, leaving only when Deach threatened to sic his dogs on the intruder.

But within half an hour, authorities claim Jacobson found his way into neighbor Nikki Foster's kitchen, waving a gun and rambling about her "mean neighbor." When asked what he wanted, Jacobson reportedly asked for food and a glass of water, explaining he was on a "spiritual journey" and his "boot contained jewels."

Eventually, Foster's husband managed to take Jacobson off their property, only later realizing the intruder had stolen his gun, police said.

According to Vocativ, Jacobson next struck on Oct. 3, when a witness found Jacobson rifling through his car. Spooked, Jacobson bolted, reportedly leaving behind a stash of stolen knives.

Shortly afterward, Jacobson broke into the home of Sally Andrews, allegedly telling the 66-year-old victim, "Don't scream!" and promising not to hurt her. According to police, Jacobson then stole Andrews' Honda Accord, later found abandoned in a ditch.

From the crashed car, Jacobson allegedly entered the home of Robert Sheets. Dressed only in red shorts and brandishing a gun stolen from Sheets, police say Jacobson then demanded fresh clothes and a ride home to Rainer, Wa., which Sheets gave him.

Along the way, Jacobson reportedly insisted they stop for a soft-drink at McDonald's. Afterwards, Sheets took Jacobson to Rainer where he was arrested by police.

According to Q13 Fox, Jacobson told police he "prefers meth" but had been blacked for the previous week due to a bad acid tip. His only recollection was being taken to a drive-thru by a "nice man."

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