Married actor Thomas Gibson of Dharma & Greg and Criminal Minds fame has allegedly spent the last two years engaging in an online relationship with a woman who used photos ripped from porn sites to convince the TV star to send her tawdry videos of himself.

TMZ reports that Gibson and the unnamed North Dakota woman regularly traded "explicit photos and video," except that, while Gibson's contributions were real, his fake Internet girlfriend's replies were lifted from websites such as [NSFW].

Eventually, Gibson and his lawyers put the kibosh on the catfishing after learning that the woman's photos were not her own.

Unfortunately for Gibson, it seems his "lover" ran straight to TMZ with two of the "sexy hot tub videos" he sent to her during their digital love affair.

Responding to the story on Twitter, Gibson called it "spliced bunch of lies" and "no one's business."

Except maybe his wife and kids'.

[photo via Getty]