A BBC TV host who was covertly recorded giving a detailed explanation about a drug dealer who “just goes from desk to desk” at the company says his comments were misconstrued.

Alan Dedicoat, the host of the network’s celebrity dance competition, Strictly Come Dancing, was secretly recorded on a tape later obtained by The Sun. Dedicoat reportedly tried to file for an injunction to block the tabloid from publishing the transcript, but lost this week in the High Court of Justice.

In the transcript, published by The Sun, Dedicoat appears to describe a drug dealer, known to the building’s security guards, who regularly put the C in the BBC. Here’s a portion of the transcript, via The Sun:

SOURCE: Tell me again, this guy in the BBC, the guy who can get stuff for you, he goes in the offices? Does he work for the BBC?

AD: No, he doesn’t no.

Source: So how does he get in? Is there no security?

AD: There is yeah, but they’re sort of in on it anyway, and he goes around us...because the police can do nothing about the fact that he’s delivering desk to desk.

Source: Even though he’s selling drugs?

AD: Well they are recreational items of interest, I think you’ll find, that’s the way we categorise them.

Source: Of course it is, I’ve got no qualms with it, but I just wanted to kind of... so... how often would he come in?

AD: Monthly

Source: And out of all the employees at the BBC, how would he... how many of them would buy from him

AD: Erm, At least 50 per cent, he just goes from desk to desk.

Source: Coke? Party drugs, all sorts?

AD:Yes, E’s for the lower grades, then whoever can afford it, goes up. It’s the business we’re in...

Dedicoat, for his part, admits the tape is real, but says his comments, which appear to be in the present tense, were taken out of context:

“There is no truth to what I said. I was foolishly embellishing upon rumours I was aware of dating from 20 or 30 years ago in relation to the commercial radio sector. I have no personal knowledge of these matters and have absolutely no reason to believe that the activities referred to in the edited extract of this covertly-recorded conversation take place or have ever taken place at the BBC.”

The BBC confirmed the existence of the tape Wednesday but denied the content, saying in an email, “Alan has said himself there is no truth in any of the allegations.”

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