Can't wait until August for the new—and, sadly, final—episodes of Breaking Bad? Then follow the pitfalls of Stephen Doran, a 57-year-old middle school tutor with stage III cancer who was busted this week for allegedly trafficking meth.

Reports say Doran received a parcel to Match Charter Middle School on Tuesday, containing 480 grams of a substance authorities believed to be meth. After catching Doran with the suspicious package on his drive home from the school, police then searched the man's house and found $10,000 in cash, a digital scale, and 38 more grams of the substance in question.

Doran, who is also a former Massachusetts state representative, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for his illness. He's now being charged with obvious drug crimes and, because it appears he had drugs sent to his school, charges pertaining to the state's laws against drugs in school zones.