For all of our gorging on turkeys today, we seem to dwell a lot on the ones we spare. Here's another lucky turkey that will live long enough to be eaten by us at a later date.

In Maine, a pickup truck hit a turkey on the side of the road. The young tukey, badly injured, was treated by veterinarians for brain injuries and a broken wing. They named her Alice.

"When I went over to her [Alice], I spoke to her really quietly and said, 'I'm going to put the blanket over you,' and I reached down and picked her up and she was huge. She just felt huge in my arms," Meg Lord told Maine's WMTW.

She's almost fully recovered from the Halloween accident, and will soon be released into the wild.

"It is hunting season for turkeys, so she kind of gets a pass this year, I guess," the veterinarian treating her said.

If all goes well for Alice, she will fully recover, before a gunshot ends her life sometime in the next calendar year.

Ride on, Alice. Ride on.