A TSA employee living near Sacramento, Calif. is facing underage sex charges after FBI agents posing as a woman and her teenage daughter caught him in a Craigslist sting.

The Placer County Sheriff's Department says investigators spotted a Casual Encounters ad last month that sought sex with a mother-daughter duo. They involved the FBI, who exchanged emails with the poster, 54-year-old TSA worker George Hristovski.

"Maybe you are a mother with a younger daughter who is interested in finding a man to teach your daughter. A man to show your daughter what your daddy showed you," part of the ad read, according to the criminal complaint against him.

A female agent responded to the ad, playing the role of the "mom," the San Francisco Chronicle reports. She traded photos and personal information with Hristovski until eventually, the FBI says, he asked for the email address of her fictional 13-year-old daughter.

According to the FBI, Hristovski asked the "daughter" for photos and sexual information, which gave them enough evidence to raid his home. The FBI says Hristovski told them that his conversation with the supposed 13-year-old was "just a fantasy," and if the girl had actually sent him any photos, he would have reported her mom to law enforcement for letting that happen.

The FBI also connected Hristovski's email address to a number of other sexual Craigslist postings from 2009, some of which were posted from Department of Homeland Security IP addresses. His LinkedIn page, which uses the same photo he allegedly sent to agents during the sting, lists him as an inspector with DHS, and a former airline security agent.

Hristovski has been charged with attempted production of child pornography and attempted enticement of a minor, the Chronicle reports, and the TSA has suspended him and started the process of firing him.

[H/T Daily Dot, Photo: ABC10]