The text of this tweet is the headline of an article, published on conspiracy-theory suppository, in which a New Jersey resident argues that Donald Trump’s claims about Muslim Americans celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center are not fear-mongering, crypto-fascist lies.

From the piece:

I didn’t see thousands of Muslims celebrating but I absolutely saw a pocket, perhaps 100, jumping for joy at the sight of the smoke rising from where the Twin Towers used to be.

The funny part of the media-made controversy is that until Trump recalled his experience on that day, these events were a commonly accepted fact by Jerseyans.

“Funny” is an odd word to use here, but no, these events were not “commonly accepted fact.” Also: “Jerseyans” isn’t a thing.

Others in N.J. have spoken about witnessing these events.

Suddenly we are all being called liars in order for Trump-haters to cast aspersions on him.

Well, I defy anyone in the media to call me a liar to my face.

It’s not that anyone is lying, necessarily. It’s entirely possible that someone who would claim to have seen dozens or hundreds or thousands of New Jersey Muslims celebrating the terrorist attacks in New York truly believes that they saw that happen. In their minds, that is, in fact, what happened. It is true for them. But it is also true that they are mistaken, their memories of the day having been corrupted by a decade and a half of fear, paranoia, and resentment. It happens! Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Anyway, for a good time check out the hashtag #TrumpIsRight.

Update 12:19 a.m. – Jack Furnari, president of BizPac Review, writes in an email:

We are not a conspiracy site and we have nothing to do with Infowars. They totally lifted our entire post.

Carmine Sabia works for BizPac Review and the post is his eyewitness account. People can believe him or not, but it is not an Info Wars post.

The original post is, apparently, here.

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