Stephen Colbert is the latest to ask Donald Trump if he knows where President Barack Obama was born.

CNN Money reports that, during today’s taping for tonight’s Late Show episode, Colbert tried to make the Republican presidential candidate an offer he couldn’t refuse: Answer this “big fat meatball” of a question, and he’d never have to respond to it again. “Barack Obama, born in the United States?”

Just as Meet the Press on Sunday, though, after failing to correct a rally attendee who called Obama a Muslim, Trump declined to answer. “I don’t talk about that anymore,” he said, a response that Colbert said was the “meatball ... being dragged down subway steps by a rat.”

In 2012 Trump made Obama an offer that he “couldn’t refuse”: Show the applications and records for college and your passport, and he will donate $5 million to the charity of the President’s choice. This was after he demanded that Obama produce his birth certificate, though he’d decline to produce his own.

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