At last night’s Trump rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a group of protestors were being peacefully led out by security when a Trump supporter stood up and sucker-punched one of the protestors as he was walking by. The unprovoked attack was captured on video from multiple angles.

The Washington Post spoke with Rakeem Jones, the man who was hit, over the phone earlier this morning:

“Boom, he caught me,” Jones told The Washington Post in a telephone interview. “After I get it, before I could even gain my thoughts, I’m on the ground getting escorted out. Now I’m waking up this morning looking at the news and seeing me getting hit again.”

Jones said he and four friends — a “diverse” group that included a white woman, a Muslim, and a gay man, had gone to the rally as a “social experiment.” He said the woman with them started shouting once Trump’s speech began.

Jones also noted that “no one in our group attempted to get physical.”

He went on to confirm to The Post what appeared in the video to be the security officer detaining him instead of the man who assaulted him for no apparent reason, saying, “The police jumped on me like I was the one swinging... I was basically in police custody and got hit.”

The woman began shouting as soon as Trump’s speech began, but aggression against the group apparently started before the protesting had even begun. Ronnie C. Rouse, who recorded one of the videos, told The Post that “someone in the crowd singled out him and his friends, screaming, ‘You need to get the f— out of there!’”

In the video above, it is readily apparent that at least one security guard watched the attack take place before choosing to detain Jones. We have yet to see any evidence indicating that the man who punched Jones was even asked to leave.

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