This weekend, sentient rotting pumpkin time-lapse Donald Trump visited Iowa for the Freedom Summit, "a launch point for conservative ideas as we head towards 2016." There he spoke on a variety of topics, chief among them why the Republicans who might run for president are shit and he's great.

It all started on Friday, when Trump claimed that, really, he should already be president.

"I was leading in every poll... I regret that I didn't stay in," Trump told The Des Moines Register, referring to his aborted campaign for the 2012 election. "I would've won the race against Obama. He would've been easy. Hillary is tougher to beat than Obama, but Hillary is very beatable."

Later, speaking at the summit on Saturday, Trump shared some grim assessments of the G.O.P.'s current 2016 frontrunners. From the L.A. Times:

"It can't be Mitt because Mitt ran and failed. You can't have Romney; he choked," said Trump, revving the crowd.

But then he went on: "You can't have Bush. The last thing we need is another Bush."

Trump blamed Bush's brother, former President George W. Bush, for being the man who "gave us Obama."

Luckily, Trump offered a novel (if somewhat counterintuitive) solution: him.

"I know what needs to be done to make America great again. We can make this country great again," said Trump. "The potential is enormous and I am seriously thinking of running for president."

However, it wasn't all politics this weekend. Trump also found time to talk a little not-history with reporters:

[Image via AP Images]