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At a campaign rally in California on Thursday, Donald Trump once again told a chilling, long-debunked story about shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.

According to Trump, General John Pershing discovered the final solution to the terror problem over 100 years ago, when he mass executed 49 Muslims with bullets dipped in pigs blood.

“The fiftieth person, they said, ‘Take this bullet and bring to back to all of the people causing the problem,’” said Trump. “And for 42 years they didn’t have a problem.”

Except, of course, that never happened. It was almost the exact same (completely false) anecdote Trump told back in February, with one important difference: On Thursday, Trump followed up his hoax story with some criticism of “Lyin’ Ted Cruz.”

“We have problems what you wouldn’t believe,” said Trump. “We have this guy, Lyin’ Ted Cruz. We know Lyin’ Ted, right?”