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Those expecting a colossal train wreck when Donald Trump went on Don Lemon’s CNN program tonight might have ended up disappointed, but The Donald still managed to engage in his own brand of media scorched-earth campaigning after a debate in which the edge was clearly against him.

Trump continued his offensive against Megyn Kelly; after ripping her on Twitter last night, he told Lemon of seeing “blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her... wherever”; he furthermore asserted the Fox News host was a “lightweight,” “zippo,” and that Lemon ought to be ashamed of himself for losing to Kelly in the ratings.

Other targets of Trump’s insult litany: Charles Krauthammer (“A real jerk...the worst”), George Will (“Pathetic”), Bret Baier (“I really don’t have any respect for him”), and pollster Frank Luntz (“A dunce...a major loser”).


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