Woody Allen impersonator and incessant tweeter Donald Trump has a lot to say to the losers and haters of the world. But apparently, that list no longer includes his wishes for a pleasant 9/11. Because in a devastating blow to both losers and haters everywhere, Donald Trump has deleted his most magnanimous of 9/11 tweets.

The original tweet from 2013 is, unfortunately, lost forever. But thanks to Trump’s dedication to the manual retweet, its cousin from later that evening remains:

Why has Donald Trump deemed haters and losers no longer worthy of his best on this special date of September (9) eleventh (11)? Does he wish them his worst? It’s impossible to say, as Trump’s camp has yet to respond to our request for explication.

And it’s not as if Trump has completely discounted all haters and/or losers from his life. There are still many, many holidays Trump has deemed worthy of his virtual olive branch. For instance, Veterans Day:

And Thanksgiving:

Father’s Day:

Or Independence Day:

New Year’s Day:

And even the day of Jesus’ resurrection:

All days of celebration and reflection for everyone, even the losers and the haters.

Except today. Today, losers and haters, is not your day. Not anymore.

[h/t CNN]

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