If this whole “being president” thing doesn’t work out, Donald Trump’s company is ready to get the big man back in the casino business. A capital idea!

As you may know if you are not a Donald Trump supporter (Donald Trump supporters tend to be extremely low on factual knowledge about Donald Trump), Donald Trump’s company opened a huge high rise residential building on the Las Vegas strip in 2008, during the recession. He had a very hard time selling all those luxury condos for some reason! In fact, a third of them remain unsold to this day, though the building is reportedly doing well as a quasi-hotel.

One oddity about this huge Vegas strip project: it did not have a casino, Now, the Wall Street Journal reports, Trump’s company is considering partnering 50/50 with Vegas casino mogul and Trump pal Phil Ruffin (pictured above) on a new casino that would be attached to Trump’s hotel. So Donald can either go live in the White House, or he can go play comped blackjack at his very own Vegas casino. Either way, a winner.

And lest we forget his glorious history:

Mr. Trump owned casinos in Atlantic City for decades but never had any gambling interests in Nevada. The casinos he developed and owned in Atlantic City went through bankruptcy four times. He no longer has any interest them.

Why wouldn’t you want him as your casino partner/ commander in chief of the world’s most powerful army? We need to win, things.

[Photo: AP]