Photo: AP

If Donald Trump seems like the kind of guy who, if he were perhaps a little less wealthy, might put a brick in an iPad box and try to sell it out the back of his car to a guy he found on Craigslist, that’s because he basically is: that scheme shares its general operating principle with the plan he articulated over the weekend for dealing with Iran.

“We’ll sell them missiles that don’t work correctly, right? Let them sue us. Tell them to sue us. Oh, I’m sorry they don’t work. Gee, that’s too bad,” Trump said at a rally in Rochester yesterday. “We’ll take in about $12 billion for missiles and they’ll say these missiles are terrible. And I’ll say, ‘Yup, that was the purpose of it.’”

Selling a faulty product on purpose is crappy foreign policy plan he thinks sounds cool but will ultimately never follow through on. But why not give it a shot? That kind of thing has worked for him his whole life.

Either that, or he saw 1999's Deterrence over the weekend.