Donald Trump, a man who has forcefully asserted that he does no accept responsibility, should not be expected to take responsibility for the violence his own campaign incites at his rallies regularly.

When asked about an incident on Saturday night in which Trump’s manager, Corey Lewandowski, grabbed the collar of a protester, yanking him backwards, Trump dismissed the allegations. At first, he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Lewandowski hadn’t touched the protestor at all. Next, he praised his manager for having “spirit.”

“They had signs up in that area that were horrendous ... I will give him credit, spirited—now he didn’t touch him ... I give him credit for having spirit. He wanted to take down those horrible, profanity-laced signs.”

The video pretty clearly shows Lewandowski grabbing the protestor, though the Trump video continues to deny it. Because at this point for the Trump campaign, the truth is but a soft, evanescent concept, one that is as difficult to pin down as his hair in the wind.