Corey Lewandowski, seen on video manhandling a Breitbart reporter at a Donald Trump campaign events, is now facing battery charges over the altercation.

The charge by the Jupiter, FL Police Department comes after Lewandowski, Trump, and alleged victim Michelle Fields’ former employer all denied that Corey had ever laid hands on her as she tried to question the violence-attracting candidate earlier this month.

The police seem to have a much clearer stance:

They’ve also released a surveillance video excerpt that clearly shows Lewandoski grabbing Fields:

Which seems to contradict this earlier claim:

The Trump campaign has provided the following boilerplate statement:

The Palm Beach Post reports Lewandowski has already turned himself in:

Lewandowski will be represented in court by Kendall Coffey, who was fired from his job as a federal prosecutor in 1996 after it was reported he bit a stripper.