Photo: AP

Perhaps in part because it was always going to end like this, and perhaps in part because no one but Chris Christie seems to want the job, Donald Trump’s campaign is now talking about the possibility of Ivanka as Trump’s vice president.

The all-Trump ticket was first floated Wednesday by Sen. Bob Corker, a man who, to be fair, would say anything at this point to escape the clutches of the Trump campaign.

“His best running mate, by the way, would be Ivanka. I know that wouldn’t pass muster, probably. But I don’t know that I’ve met a more composed, brilliant, beautiful-in-every-way person,” Corker said.

But whether Corker really believes that or was just dangling the Ivanka meat to distract Katrina Pierson as he fled the building, the Trump campaign has latched on to the idea.

In typical Trump family member fashion, Ivanka’s brother, Eric, noted first that he has a hot sister.

“I agree, right? She’s got the beautiful looks, right? She’s got—she’s smart, she’s smart, smart, smart,” Eric Trump said Thursday morning on Fox & Friends. “She’s certainly got my vote.”

(Eric’s strength, Donald Trump announced on stage last night at a rally in Cincinnati, is being tall.)

And, as Eric points out, Ivanka just barely ekes out the age requirement for VP: “She’ll just be 35,” on October 30, he said, “so she’d just make that by about by, you know, seven, eight days.”

The Jews, several of whom Donald Trump loves, have a term for this: Beshert.