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Trump continued to adopt new, morally bankrupt positions on national and global affairs at Scottish golf courses on Saturday, this time while actually playing golf.

At Trump International Golf Links in Balmedie, Scotland, Trump struggled to keep his Muslim ban proposal consistent from one hole to the next as he putted and prattled through interviews with the press.

The New York Times reports that on the 14th hole, Trump said he’d have no problem with Muslims from Scotland entering the United States, a comment that seems to jibe with past statements of his that the ban would apply to Muslim immigrants from countries with “a proven history of terrorism.” Previously, Trump had said that ban would apply temporarily to all Muslims trying to enter the U.S.

By the 18th hole, Trump was telling the Daily Mail that Muslims from any country could enter the U.S., so long as Muslims from “terror countries” are more strictly vetted.

After Trump made these comments, Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance chairman, told a small group of reporters that Trump, “wanted us to clarify that it is about terrorism and not about religion,” according to the New York Times.

According to a Bloomberg Politics reporter, Trump reportedly said later that day, over fish and chips at the resort’s clubhouse, that he doesn’t consider “mass deportations” to be part of his immigration plan, without clarifying what that meant.

Speaking at the Trump Turnberry resort golf course on Friday, Trump praised Britain voting to leave the European Union and mused that running a nation is a lot like running a golf course.