First it was Ben and Jen. Then it was Gwen and Gavin. Yesterday, it was Frog and Pig. Today, it’s Frog and “Pig” again, but different ones.

According to the Associated Press, former Clippers owner Donald “I Am Not a Racist” Sterling has filed for divorce from his wife Shelly, citing wholly mysterious “irreconcilable differences.” From the L.A. Times:

Last year, Shelly Sterling removed her husband as a member of the family trust after two doctors declared him to be mentally incapacitated in the wake of his inflammatory recorded comments about African Americans. That cleared the way for Shelly Sterling to agree to sell the Clippers to Steve Ballmer for a record $2 billion.

Last July, Donald Sterling called his wife a “pig” in court after her testimony in a probate hearing that examined the circumstances of the sale.


In March, he added Shelly Sterling as a defendant in his lawsuit against the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. He accused her of conspiring with the league to sell the Clippers against his wishes.

This news, of course, means you no longer have any hope of finding true love (sorry). Because if a famously bigoted serial philanderer and the estranged wife he’s locked in a lengthy court battle with can’t work it out, who can?

[Image via AP Images]