Earl Conlon, the Georgia man who said he and a squad of other truckers were coming to D.C. this weekend to clog the roads and try to arrest congresspeople, now says his wild-eyed threats were just a bunch of baseless lies. This kind of honesty from fringe wingnuts is rare, so savor it.

Despite telling U.S. News & World Report just this week that he and his thousands-deep trucker cohort would be riding together to slow traffic inside the D.C. beltway before storming Congress and putting lawmakers in cuffs, Conlon admitted to the Washington Post today that those comments "were designed to do one thing and one thing only: stir the feather of the mainstream media." He continued: "Nothing gets the attention of the mainstream media like some sort of disastrous threat. I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers."

While some truckers may show up for the so-called "Truckers Ride for the Constitution" rally this Friday, Conlon says he's not even sure if he's going anymore. Nevertheless, the Washington Post reports, Conlon feels he's scored at least one great victory: "[A]ttention for his cause—mainly the overreach of government and the inability for politicians to follow the rules as outlined in the Constitution."

And who could forget attention for himself as well.

[Image via AP]