A photo of an alleged suicide bomber involved in Friday’s terrorist attacks on Paris, picked up by multiple media outlets, turned out to be a photoshopped version of a Canadian freelance writer’s old selfie.

Veerender Jubbal, who describes himself as “a Sikh dude with a turban,” lives near Toronto and says he’s never been to Paris. In the original 2014 photo, he was holding an iPad, but the altered version replaces it with a Qur’an and adds a wired vest over Jubbal’s shirt.

Jubbal’s face made it to the front page of Spanish newspaper La Razon, where it was thumbnailed with the caption “one of the terrorists.” The paper later apologized on Twitter:

Several other European news outlets also picked up the bogus photo and claimed it showed one of the attackers, the CBC reports.

BuzzFeed reports the image spread through ISIS channels after being shared by “one of the largest — though unofficial — pro-ISIS channels on Telegram, the app that the extremist group used to take credit for the attacks in Paris,” but people on social media spotted it as a fake.

But who Photoshopped Jubbal’s selfie to begin with, and why was he targeted? Jubbal thinks he knows.

Last year, he became an outspoken critic of Gamergate, the toxic social movement that was ostensibly about reforming video game journalism, but soon diffused into a broader outrage against “social justice warriors” and “political correctness.” Last October, he was the first person to tweet the hashtag #StopGamerGate2014.

Jubbal left Twitter earlier this year after being harassed by GamerGaters who photoshopped fake tweets and attributed them to him, Buzzfeed notes. He believes they’re doing it again.

At the very least, some of them are quite pleased about what he’s been put through over the past couple of days:

[h/t CBC]