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This 38-year-old gymnastics instructor was profiled on last night's season finale of My Crazy Obsession for her Troll doll affinity. She goes by the name of Michelle Kerrins, but she is such a Shelly. Her obsession is amusing enough, but it's really her delivery that makes her story so riveting (her "Troll 2" license plate doesn't hurt either). Forget the cartoon adaptations, this woman speaks like a Troll doll should speak, her helium-filled peanut shell of a voice enthusing things like, "They're in all my crevices!" and "I like the odd things in life." Oh, me too, Shelly. Me too.

Make sure you watch Shelly's attempts at getting her husband to turn his "man cave" into her Troll hole. It involves her proposing to wear her Troll bikini while doing backflips and/or wearing a Troll mask and nothing else. Typical Troll tactics.