Lin-Manuel Miranda after his last performance as Alexander Hamilton: Getty

This past Saturday was Lin-Manuel Miranda’s final performance as Alexander Hamilton in the Epic Rap Battles of History-turned-Broadway sensation Hamilton. Tickets to the show were reportedly being sold on secondary markets for four-to-five figures, which would have made it particularly painful to have discovered that you missed an email announcing that you had won $10 tickets to the performance through the play’s limited lottery system.

So went the helpless cries of precisely four people on Twitter, including semi-prominent and relatively unknown members of your trusted media industry:

Now the “plot twist” here is that the above four people did not actually win the Hamilton lottery. Instead, they were pranked by a website created by this guy called “Hamiltowned” (let’s forget that part) which generates a fake Hamilton lottery winner email.

This is a plainly great prank, given the rampant hysteria over Hamilton, and harmless, given that nobody’s life is severely effected by not receiving tickets to a Broadway play. Please prank your friends who love Hamilton too much or at least any and every member of the Buzzfeed Hamilton Slack room.