If you're a comedian, some, maybe most, of your jokes are going to miss their mark the first time. Luckily, in the real world no one will remember your regrettable Hurricane Katrina pun. Twitter, unfortunately, has a much sharper memory.

On Monday night, Buzzfeed business editor Tom Gara retweeted some of newly announced Daily Show host Trevor Noah's more vintage material. Some of the jokes, it could be argued, were offensive. But mostly they were just corny as hell.

Gara had a similar takeaway, writing, "I retweet not in anger. But it's an impressive rise for a dude who three years ago was replying to Uberfacts tweets with dick jokes."

By then, however, right-wing Twitter smelled blood in the water and seized the tweets as juicy examples of liberal hypocrisy. Conservatives being conservatives, this presented an ideal opportunity for troll accounts like @ProfJeffJarvis.

If nothing else, the episode demonstrates the one group Twitter actually seems designed for: the trolls.

[Images via Getty Images/Twitter]