And people were worried the Super Bowl might be too cold.

Due to intensive security measures and a push for public transportation, most Super Bowl ticket holders ended up taking New Jersey Transit to the game.

But the massive congestion on the train system — which hit an all-time ridership high today — caused multiple fans to pass out on their way.

Riders said the backup at Secaucus Junction, where fans transferred trains to the game, felt like being "sardines in a can," and caused massive delays across the entire New Jersey Transit system.

Officials had encouraged ticket holders to take the train to the game, dubbing the event the first "mass transit Super Bowl."

Part of the problem was that the NFL and NJ Transit officials miscalculated — they expected between 12,000 and 15,000 people to ride the train to the game. But by 4:30 pm, more than 27,000 passengers — an all-time high — had boarded.

On the bright side, the crush seemed to unite fans of both teams in their anger against New Jersey.

Initial fan calls of "Seahawks" and "Broncos" gave way to angry shouts of "New Jersey, your Super Bowl sucks!"

[image via Twitter]