What is the saddest thing? Possibly: a heroic lion mascot in a cape who has become too drunk to stand and collapses on the soccer pitch, his giant fuzzy head lolling and falling off in his hands. Underneath, he is only human, like the rest of us. He is also drunk, like the rest of us.

Super Leo, Vienna’s mascot, apparently celebrated his birthday (known as Löwenfest) a little too vigorously for the tolerance of the 42-year-old man inside the fur suit. But 42 years of human decision-making and the vagaries of circumstance have brought him to this point, with his head resting on the cool turf.

A man is standing over him. Leo. Leo. Get up. But Leo does not want to get up. He just wants to rest here for a minute. Leo is tired. So tired.

Who can explain how these things happen?

Vienna went on to win 2-1 over Wiener Neustadt, with no help from Super Leo.

[h/t Metro]