After a truck driver for Walmart crashed into his limousine van last month, killing one and injuring several others, Tracy Morgan has announced via a rep that he is suing Walmart for damages. The suit alleges that the company was negligent for allowing their truck driver to drive 700 miles without sleeping for 24 hours.

According to a report in the Associated Press, Morgan's suit also alleges that the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Via the AP:

"As a result of Wal-Mart's gross, reckless, willful, wanton, and intentional conduct, it should be appropriately punished with the imposition of punitive damages," according to the complaint.

Morgan suffered a broken leg and broken ribs after the crash and is currently in rehab. Kevin Roper, the truck driver who turned himself in after the crash, has pleaded not guilty to death by auto and assault by auto charges.

Ardie Fuqua and Jeffrey and Krista Millea, three other passengers in the crash, are also listed as plaintiffs in the case. The accident resulted in the death of James McNair, a close friend and mentor to Morgan.

A report by federal transportation safety investigators said that Roper had been working for 13 1/2 hours when the crash happened and that he had been driving 65mph in a construction zone that had been lowered to 45 mph that night.

[Image via AP]