Kids' retailer Toys R Us has agreed to pull a line of Breaking Bad action figures from its shelves after a petition campaign started by a Florida mom.

The store will no longer sell figures of Walter "Heisenberg" White, a chemistry teacher and meth kingpin whose character arc is a poignant cautionary tale about the dangers of hubris, and Jesse Pinkman, an ex-addict whose fierce will to live carried him through several near-death situations.

"Let's just say, the action figures have taken an 'indefinite sabbatical,'" a Toys R Us spokesperson said Tuesday.

Moms apparently objected to the Walter figures coming packaged with the plastic version of crystal meth, both the vehicle for Walt's greatest success and the catalyst for his downfall. It's kind of like trying to ban Romeo and Juliet action figures because of a tiny dagger and poison vial.

Heck, the Jesse figure even comes with safety equipment for his meth cooks. What kid couldn't learn from that?

There was a brief attempt Monday push back against the 8,000-signature petition, started by Susan Schrivjer of Fort Myers, Fla. Toys R Us initially argued that the toys were clearly marked "15 and up" and were stocked in the "adult action figure" area of the store.

Even Bryan Cranston, who played Walter, defended the figures, tweeting, ""I'm so mad. I am burning my Florida mom action figure in protest."

But it's too late for Plastic Walt and Plastic Jesse. The figures are being removed "immediately" from store shelves, Toys R Us told the AP Tuesday.

Thanks, Florida Mom. Now our kids will have to learn about hubris from, I don't know, Oedipus Rex or something. Hope you're happy.

[Photo: NBC News]