Residents of Crested Butte, Co.—a real place—discovered recently that their fair domain had been elected by Bud Light to be the host of a grand "Whatever" party over the the first weekend in September. Many are not pleased with this awesome, unprecedented surprise masquerading as an ad campaign. WHY.

Bud Light's recent attempt to get people to drink fermented pee-pee redundantly asks drinkers if they are "down for whatever," which surely they are if they are drinking Bud Light. The coinciding promotional event is scheduled to be held over September 5-7, and this could be the weekend that word finally gets out about Bud Light!

The Denver Post reports that Crested Butte citizens aren't too thrilled about having their entire town painted blue (come on!) or drinking Bud Light for three days (why not??) because secrets are not nice, secrets are not fun. Many residents didn't hear about the town's proposed overhaul until this week. From the Denver Post:

In what event organizers are calling "augmentations," Elk Avenue and its lampposts are to be fenced off and painted Bud Light blue. Buskers will be performing amid pop-up bars up and down the avenue. Bands will play from a giant sound stage. A huge Twister game is on the agenda. Only Bud Light products will be served in downtown watering holes that are part of the goings-on.

Plans also call for the town's big Mine Ice Arena and the Center for the Performing Arts to be made over into Whatever venues, all for a payment of $250,000 to town coffers by the Anheuser-Busch company.

All that stuff sounds fun as heck and Crested Butte residents need to lighten up in the name of advertising. New York City habitants have allowed their entire locale to be a vessel for advertising for years. Chill out and put back an ice-cold Bud Light™.

At a council meeting on Monday night that went on for longer than three hours, residents expressed their disdain for the event, which would bring 1,000 visitors to the city. From the Denver Post:

"I do not understand how this got this far down the road in absolute secrecy," said former Sen. Tim Wirth, who lives in Crested Butte and added that he doesn't like the idea of the town being turned into a beer parlor.

Resident Kevin McGruther, who came to speak in Mickey Mouse ears and a T-shirt with the message "Dumbest Town Ever," objected to the town being turned into Disneyland.

Many believe the $250,000 Bud Light intends to give Crested Butte is not nearly enough to pay for the beer hall nuisance the beer company will be bringing in.

There is some hope, however, for town residents; according to reports from the council meeting, the event is not a guaranteed deal and could be vetoed.

[Image via AP]