A 29-year-old man from Baltimore was arrested last week after attempting to rob a hair salon in Annapolis, Maryland. He would have gotten away with it, too, had the receptionist not noticed that his "gun" looked suspiciously like fingers, causing her to laugh at him until he just eventually left! Ugh. Women.

Would-be robber Ryan Michael Trembly entered Bubbles Hair Salon with a finger pointed under his shirt, in an attempt to imply that he had a weapon. After demanding that the receptionist, Jacqueline, give him all of the money in the register, she says that she laughed, unable to believe his demands were serious, and told him, "Not today!" Adding, "Who tries to rob a salon? The bank's right there!"

According to NBC Philadelphia, the suspect then "tried to make small talk with her before eventually leaving the building." At that point, Jacqueline watched him enter another business before being picked up in a white Nissan.

Ryan Michael Trembly was found by police at his mother's house, and charged with one count of attempted robbery, one count of theft less than $1,000, and one million counts of embarrassment. :(

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